New‎ patient conf‎i‎rmed in Clifford Estates

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Another resident of the Clifford Estates was confirmed today (Feb 13th) to have contracted Covid-19. He is the son of a previously confirmed patient and has been sent to a designated hospital for isolation from February 2nd.

According to Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, 9 cases have been confirmed in 3 of the 27 units of the Clifford Estates(缤纷汇,祈福名都 and 活力花园) by February 8th. All patients had previously travelled to Hubei.

Clifford Hospital reported 3 cases (2 are residents of the Clifford Estates and have been included in the 9 confirmed cases) and quarantined 107 close contacts on February 10th. Clifford Hospital has suspended all outpatient services for the time being. 80 samples collected around the hospital tested negative for the coronavirus after disinfection.

According to the Panyu Disease Control and Prevention Center, residents who have been to the Clifford Hospital will not need to undergo compulsory isolation if they didn’t visit the inpatient department after January 28th.

On February 11th, the management company revealed that Clifford Estates has more than 7 thousand Hubei residents across more than 3 thousand households. It’s a large community with a total population of about 200 thousand and more than 40 thousand households. It’s also home to people from different countries including the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Japan and South Korea.

The Panyu Disease Control and Prevention Center stressed that all close contacts of the infected patients have been isolated and that the estate has been thoroughly disinfected. The Center urges residents not to worry, and that if good health and hygiene practice is followed, the risk of infection is low.

Author: Jasmine, Shen Menglan(intern)

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