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The PS5 is a different story. It will have an eight-core Ryzen processor built on AMD 8217;s latest mainstream architecture. Compared to a high-end desktop CPU, which can easily cost $300 to $500 (or more), it won 8217;t seem expensive. But it will tack tens of dollars on to the PS5 8217;s per-unit cost. That adds up.

Sony hasn 8217;t said how it 8217;ll spec the Navi hardware in the PS5, but leaks suggest the PS5 will have 36 Navi compute units. That puts the console on par with the AMD Radeon 5600 XT, a video card that typically sells for $280 today. Sony 8217;s actual cost will, of course, be much less than that, but graphics will remain a significant chunk of the per-unit cost.

For comparison, the PS4 launched with an AMD Radeon GPU based on Graphics Core Next 2.0. GCN 2.0 was relatively new at the time, having arrived in PC graphics cards only a few months earlier. However, the chip’s quoted raw compute power of 1.84 TFLOPs was entry-level, well behind the best PC video cards.

If the PS5 8217;s rumored 36 compute units are true, it 8217;s shooting for a more impressive performance target. That would put the console 8217;s raw GPU power in line with a midrange to high-end gaming PC.The PS5 seems positioned to pack more impressive hardware at release than did the PlayStation 4.

Sony plans to fix that in the PlayStation 5. The solid-state drive is a key feature. Sony promises drastic cuts to load times and smoother asset loading in large open-world games. But like every other upgrade, it will be pricey.

The higher price of solid-state drives remains a pain point for device makers, who want to offer a device at the lowest price possible. That often leads to a compromised, entry-level version that has a small SSD at a low entry-level price.

Sony will face the same issue with the PS5. It might offer an entry-level version with 256GB of space – but most gamers know that’s enough for just a few games. The model most people want will have a 512GB drive and will be more expensive. Want the 1TB model? Expect to pay at least $100, perhaps even $200, more than the base price.

Offering a slim-storage model is a tactic Sony could use to hit a lower-than-expected price point while maintaining a higher price for the version most people buy. I’ll be surprised if Sony doesn’t go this route.

My best guess, based on the information so far, the price of past PS4 and PS4 Pro models, and the price of new components planned for the PS5, is a retail price of $500. This assumes it will have a 512GB solid-state drive.

The high price might be offset by a base model with a 256GB solid-state drive, perhaps priced at $450. On the flip side, Sony could end up pricing a 1TB model 8212; the one serious gamers will want 8212; at $600 or more.

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