SpaceX to Launch ‎a Batc‎h of 60 Starlink Sate‎lli

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The launch was originally scheduled for today, Sunday, February 16, at 7:35 a.m. PT, but it was delayed due to an issue with a second stage valve component. SpaceX chose to delay the launch to check on the component, and reschedule for tomorrow. It is expected for the launch to go ahead 24 hours after the originally planned time.

Starlink satellites are of a type called a constellation, in which multiple satellites are launched together to form a network. These types of launches are particularly problematic for astronomers are they leave multiple trails of bright light across the sky during launch, disrupting observations.

But even if the coating is successful in reducing reflectivity, the IAU says the satellites could still cause problems: 8220;The appearance of the pristine night sky, particularly when observed from dark sites, will nevertheless be altered, because the new satellites could be significantly brighter than existing orbiting man-made objects. 8221;


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