Colorado aval‎anche: 2 men kille‎d in large avalan

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According to law enforcement, three mono-track riders triggered a large avalanche Saturday afternoon. All three males were buried, but one victim had managed to dig out of the slide. The other two never surfaced, officials said.

Some witnesses were approached by the one victim who dug himself out. They all rushed to rescue the other two people.

Hunter Schleper was one of those who was approached.

"Two snowmobilers stopped next to us," Schleper told CBS Denver on Sunday afternoon. "They asked if we had beacons and shovels, if we could go help locate these guys. Instantly, everyone on our crew was jumping on it."

"It took a long time to locate them," Schleper added. "The beacons were showing four to five meters, even when we were directly above."


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